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Principles of Funding


The funding practices of the German Foundation for Peace Research are based on the following fundamental objectives, from which the funding criteria for the projects are derived:

•    The funded research shall produce innovative and scientifically grounded findings on central questions of peace and conflict studies.
•    The Foundation supports scientific networking and cooperation between academic disciplines and organisations as well as the qualification of young and talented scientists.
•    The Foundation promotes the dissemination of research findings into political practice and into the public.

The conditions of funding are summarized in the Principles for the Funding of scientific projects that inform on

•    the relevant thematic framework for funded research (preamble)
•    the different funding options and funding modalities
•    the review and decision making process
•    the fundamental and additional funding criteria

The Foundation offers various guidelines that should facilitate the preparation of research proposals.



New research report

project publications


Peacebuilding in Crisis
Rethinking Paradigms and Practices of Transnational Cooperation
Edited by Tobias Debiel, Thomas Held, Ulrich Schneckener
Routledge 2016




 Handbook on Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace
Herausgeber: Brauch, H.G., Oswald Spring, Ú., Grin, J., Scheffran, J. (Eds.) 
Springer 2016



Fabian Klose: The Emergence of Humanitarian Intervention. Ideas and Practice from the Ninettenth Centrury to the Present
Cambridge University Press 2016



Policy briefs zum von der DSF geförderten Projekt "NPT PrepCom Side-Event des Akademischen Friedensorchesters Nahost am 06. Mai 2014 in New York"

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Two publications are based on the International Symposium „Religions and World Peace“: