Funding options

The German Foundation for Peace Research funds innovative research projects in peace and conflict studies. At present the funding options fall into four broad categories:

Before submitting a proposal please see the Principles for the Funding of Scientific Projects, especially the funding criteria listed therein. The allocation of funds is not bound to special thematic funding priorities. Proposals can be handed in by researchers from various academic disciplines or as interdisciplinary projects.
As a part of the funding policy, the Foundation also supports international cooperation projects of peace and conflict research. The prerequisite to receive funding is, that a German partner institution is involved. In this case the Foundation offers funds for the share of costs of the German project partner.
For types of projects that will not be funded by the Foundation please see the “negative list”.
Furthermore, the Foundation provides guidelines for various project types in order to facilitate the preparation of a research proposal. For additional information on funding questions please contact the office of the Foundation in Osnabrueck.