Peer review process

The review procedure of the DSF

The executive board of the foundation takes the decisions about project funding on the basis of two expert review statements from external specialists (peer review procedure). Therefore the following rules apply:

– Applications for project funding are normally evaluated by two external reviewers. If their recommendations differ from each other, the foundation gathers the opinion of a third reviewer. Applications from institutions whose members are part of the executive board of the DSF are obligatorily subject to a third evaluation.

– Applications for the funding of international conferences are normally evaluated by one external reviewer.

– Applications for networking and knowledge transfer projects are evaluated by an external reviewer if the sum that is applied for is higher than 5.000 Euro. In the case of networking and knowledge transfer projects below that sum, the decision about external reviews is made as the case arises. Projects that were funded several times can alternatively be evaluated later.

The foundation provides the reviewers with guidelines for the composition of the review reports.

Information for Reviewers of Research Proposals

Information for Reviewers of proposals for Scientific Conferences

Information for Reviewers of Networking and Knowledge Transfer Projects

The review process follows the principal of absolute confidentiality. At the same time the foundation creates the decision making process as transparent as possible. For this reason anonymized versions of the review statements are made available to the applicants. The foundation therefore has permission to forward the review statements either in parts or in full length under the principle of confidentiality.