About us

The German Foundation for Peace Research was founded by the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in October 2000.
The objectives of the Foundation arise out of the mission statement of the founder (Stiftungsgeschäft):
“The German Foundation for Peace Research shall promote the peaceful coexistence of individuals and nations. It shall contribute to create the prerequisites and conditions to prevent war, poverty, hunger and oppression, to protect human rights and to set up a framework for international relations that is based on the rule of law. Furthermore the Foundation shall contribute to face the challenge that the natural environment and their development opportunities are responsibly used and preserved for future generations.”

Legal status and purposes of the foundation

The German Foundation for Peace research is a fully funded Foundation under civil law, which has the status of a nonprofit organization. It was established under the purpose
to strengthen peace research especially in Germany according to its impact on foreign and security policy and to contribute to its political and financial independence” (see §2 of the constitution)
The Foundation has the objective to fund research in the field of peace and conflict studies that is done by the following range of activities:
•    Promoting and initiating of research projects
•    Hosting national and international conferences
•    Supporting and qualifying the younger generations of scientists
The Foundation does not carry out any research.

Please note, that the Foundation’s activities are focused on the strengthening of peace research in Germany. For this reason, research proposals from foreign institutions will not be accepted. There is, however, the opportunity to cooperate with a German partner organization. In this case the Foundation offers funding for the contribution of the German institution to the research cooperation.

Governing Bodies of the Foundation

Since the constitutional reform in 2016 the foundation has two main bodies. The Executive Board runs the business of the foundation according to the descisions of the Foundation Council and decides in particular about the use of the foundation’s funds. The Foundation Council determines the general orientation of the foundation and the framework of the measures to meet the foundation goals.

Academic Advisory Council

The Board of the Foundation appoints an Academic Advisory Council providing advice for funding strategies und evaluation processes. The council supports the Foundation to disseminate the research findings into public and the political arena.
Head of the Academic Advisory Council is Dr. Constanze Stelzenmüller.

Seat of the foundation

The Foundation’s office is located in Osnabrueck, city of Westfalian Peace. It is situated in the historical “Ledenhof” close to the city centre.