Funding profile

The german foundation for peace research supports the peace and conflict research in Germany and funds projects that work on relevant topics with innovative concepts, that contribute to the structural development of the field and that bring forth results for the scientific policy and society consulting. Therefore offers to support research projectsscientific workshops and conferences and networking and knowledge transfer projects are available. Exceptional projects are time-limited or geared towards special individual projects.
In the years between 2001 and 2013 the foundation provided 15 Mio. Euro for the support of scientific projects. Hereby important impulses were given on different levels to further develop the scientific field:

·         expansion pf the knowledge base and development of new fields of research

·         networking of the national research activities and strengthening of international cooperation

·         support for young researchers

·         support for multi- and interdisciplinary research cooperation

·         support for the transfer of research results in the political practice and the public

·         strengthening of the range of courses and teaching competences in the field of master degrees in peace and conflict studies

Apart from very few exceptions, all funded projects can be associated with one of the thematic focuses that have emerged from the foundation’s funding practice and experience:

·         international law and international organization

·         violence and crisis prevention

·         intervention in violent conflicts

·         post-conflict in peacebuilding

·         disarmament and arms control

·         peace education

·         historical peace research

·         promotion of academic discourses and interdisciplinary cooperation

The funding archive is based upon this thematic principle of order.